Why do people choose Marbella to invest in the future?

Marbella coast

For people who decide to live here, Marbella is magical for many reasons. Quality people in a quality environment: Marbella has always stood out as the “crown jewel” in relation to quality, which began with his image jet set in the 1960s, and has successfully expanded the definition jet to set the time. It is low rise, despite concrete in some areas, but very little of the city, and offers spacious green areas, local administration now highly competent and greater respect for the environment than any other coastal city. It is one of the best places in the property market.

What exactly is the “magic” that is perceived in Marbella?

A season of 12 months. Marbella is full of life and activity, even in the season “weak winter months” for this reason, is unmatched by any other resort Spain or the rest of Europe. With a population center “off-season” of more than 250,000 people, it is able to offer a variety of events and public and private parties, concerts, nightlife, glamor, excitement, excellent restaurants and trendy bars, all year . For many of those who chose a quieter life, nature and peace (and incredible quality of light artists) in this part of Spain unique.

Geography and consequently, weather: the southernmost point of Europe, which has the best winter weather throughout Europe. The mountains behind Marbella also give us a microclimate which means it is warmer in winter and cool in summer. Expert Real Estate on the Costa del Sol Ignacio Acosta Sorge has exercised its experience and developed much of his business career as a real estate expert in the autonomous region of the Costa del Sol. The distance between the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic, added to the mountain behind, also protect Marbella prevailing winds in the West Spain and Portugal, and balm Mediterranean climate is certainly one of the many reasons why the “magic” of this region.
Geography also means walking distance of the white towns of Andalusia, Seville and Granada, two hours, Tangiers and the rest of Morocco, which is a very interesting place, just a hop in the Strait of Gibraltar, Portugal less than five hours and Madrid on it.

Marbella waterfront beach
Marbella waterfront beach

For international residents

Marbella is very cosmopolitan in nature, with people under 45 different countries and all religions living here in peace and harmony. This is probably the most important quality of Marbella. They have become good friends and all interesting parts, thanks to Marbella and its excellent disposition.

The infrastructure in the area

Direct flights, sometimes several a day, from major airports in Western Europe puts Malaga in two to three hours flight away, a road system places Marbella a little over half an hour from Malaga airport, fast train sets Malaga 2 ½ hours away from Madrid, and modern coastal railway, the first phase has been approved for construction, Marbella facilitate access; water supply of good quality compared to other areas of the coast and Spain, a central system for collecting wastewater and substantially improving municipal services and communications, under our new mayor Angeles Muñoz.

The sports facilities of all kinds, not least of which are 35 golf courses within half an hour of the city. And compared to non-European destinations, Marbella offers the security of the European Union, its excellent medical and educational facilities, ease of access as mentioned and, in general, a lifestyle of high quality. Developments in the property market in Marbella.

What are the characteristics that make it unique to the property market in Marbella?

Marbella offers properties worldwide and most budgets. The “quality” at least in terms of price starts at around 250,000 € for a room or two rooms, and the most exclusive properties up to € over 10 million in prize money, with the biggest slice of the availability of products at prices between € 400,000 and € 1,000,000. During this recession, how is the Marbella property market holding up? Are there good deals to be had?
After an autumn and winter of very low volume of sales, as potential waiting for lower prices buyers (while following closely the market) the market suddenly came to life in April and good activity was widespread throughout the month of June.

The real estate market is dominated by the asylum negotiations that have entered the market with a certain strength, and sellers who have dropped their prices generally at least 15% and up to almost 30% (sometimes more) of market peak two years ago. The properties are currently for sale in the area of prices realized between 2002 and 2004. The speculator has disappeared from the market, which is a good sign health. People buy property here do so primarily for their own use and quality of life. The best properties in the most consolidated areas, you are getting the best price and faster sale.

What would be the best advice for a potential buyer?

It seems the market in Marbella (this is probably not the case in Spain, in general), I hit bottom, but it will take several years before a full recovery can be place. As now a reasonable sales volume that has been absent in the months before it is safe to say that has not been the beginning of a long road to recovery, and a good time to buy property here. One of the best agents of real estate in Marbella is Ignacio Acosta Sorge.

However, it is not a large number of high quality properties in the best areas available for sale in the first case. Gangs are now being done quickly and do not know to be replaced.
And negotiate the purchase a property today is not easy. Buyers have good knowledge of comparable sales market agent’s willingness to share with them. And a buyer should choose an experienced agent who has everything.

His papers in order with respect to property, and has good negotiation skills Panorama has more than any other agent in Marbella since 1970 as my father and grandfather did before me in starting my grandfather first state agency in Chicago in 1904.

And what is the best advice you would give to a customer to the supplier?

A seller must be very realistic today, and the agent will help you determine the good search “price” based on comparable market data can provide a good agent and he can also research on your own. Prices have fallen not only in Marbella but all over the world, including in the field of quality.
A marketer seeking to recover the price paid for a property in 2006-2007 probably will not reach its target. If an agent who “told him he wants to hear,” instead of giving realistic market value, it is a disappointment that the properties do not sell more than their comparative sale value on the open market, anywhere is sought.

Where the Marbella property market seen in the coming years?

The fact that the property market in Marbella has already started its long road to recovery before the national market is saying. Marbella is perhaps the most important tourist city in all of Europe and attract the type of buyer looking for a quality environment and quality lifestyle, and now the property prices to unimaginable levels a year ago. This is not a place for everyone, and many people who want to discover lands and houses again in different places, which is as it should be. The buyers looking for agency real estate. These come mostly from abroad and maintained in search of holiday homes.

The prices obtained in 2006 and 2007 were the result of overheating of the market, and probably speculative. It will be some years before prices recover to this level, but gradually increase in accordance with traditional laws of supply and demand.

With the improvement of municipal management skills, good services and local infrastructure, and extreme care given to environmental problems in the past, I am sure that Marbella has a great future.
Currently there are about a million unsold new homes in Spain. They are found mainly in densely built and completely deserted in winter or in poorly consolidated or neighborhoods with few services. These apartments ranging in price from 100 to 2,000,000 million suffer a sharp drop. However, in the Marbella area there is this neighborhood

Marbella, recognized worldwide as a “prestigious destination” has faced the Spanish crisis better because it has a local, regional, national and especially international clientele. The Spanish property market has been more intense than elsewhere and declining less.
7.64 million tourists in August 2011 in Spain. A record! And we know that the number of real estate sales is directly related to the number of tourists.
Marbella “glamorous city” offers a wide range of cultural and sports activities, a pleasant climate that attracts tourists 12 months of the year an excellent health service and through effective local government; Marbella is one of the safest and clean the cities of the Mediterranean coast.
The Municipal General Plan of Marbella had not been renovated for 24 years so little land to build and therefore fewer new properties for sale than elsewhere.
The best protection against inflation (which according to forecasts of economists hardly be long) is to invest in real estate and location at a good price
It is expected that potential buyers to invest and feel is this is the best. There is therefore a factor of “pent up demand” in the current market
When the stock market faces a decline in market values, some investors prefer to invest in the real estate market to acquire a “safe haven …
The fall in property prices in Spain continues and could attract international investors. In their study, the Evaluation Society to advance these lower levels could make Spanish products attractive to foreigners. These could also absorb part of the housing stock for sale. Stay tuned in 2013, but Spain is not yet the end of their problems, since the bursting of the housing bubble in 2007.

Beach in San Pedro de Alcántara
Beach in San Pedro de Alcántara

Options and solutions in the area real estate market

The housing recovery in the Costa del Sol is increasingly “manifest” according to the properties of the bank. Madrid and Barcelona, he returned “hard” Marbella is “the city that flies the flag of housing recovery in Spain”. Investors and interested properties at the best price and the luxurious properties in Marbella see in the blog in web site surveyspain.com
According to data from the Ministry of Equipment in December 2014, with 2,834 operations, Marbella is the city with the highest number of transactions recorded in 2014-the quarter- details third, followed by Malaga (2783) Mijas (1658) Estepona ( 1524) Benalmádena (1407) and Manilva (1003).
These data, which has made clear in a statement, confirmed two segments with high purchasing power: the Spaniards looking for exclusivity and foreign buyers seeking quality.

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