The estimates provided in the Andalusian market in 2016

Property in Marbella

2015 was a year of recovery in the market and it is almost a certainty that 2016 will be just as good at the beginning of a new boom phase in this sector, which will end the negative cycle. Although Tins prevents the disclosure of a possible further rise in prices in the next year, the company said, however, that the real estate market, at least in residential areas and coastal areas, the pressure on prices reach its end. The current year will be completed with a sales increase of 15 to 25%.

In 2013, only 300,000 home sales were recorded, which is 68.5% lower than the peak of 2006, in which there were about 955,000 operations. By 2017, so TINSA, it is quite possible that the current “inventory” of about 400,000 properties will lead to sales operations.

The indications that the Andalusian region are consolidated in the market

Although there are no clear indications about it. Price development risks, there are clear signs that 2015 ended with a price developments of +/- 0 compared to last year. However, it was observed that there was a 4% discount year in which you can along with the data already available for the current month in June realize that this month will be even more. The average value relative to the overall price reduction is about 40%, and this is within the Mediterranean coast up to 50% compared with real estate in big cities and metropolitan areas, where there has been a 45 % or 43%. Casualties in island regions participated in contrast, only 29%.
Demand for new items for the years 2016 and 2017 is approximately 150,000 real estate provided to stabilize the labor market according to Expert Real Estate on the Costa del Sol However, there are still some 2,001 400,000 unsold properties, one of which is expected to be the average selling blank annually about 100,000.
At the end of 2017 this portfolio of property must be sold, it must be accompanied by a new building promotion, starting in the year 2015. TINSA assumes that the number of new building permits, especially in popular areas, will tend to increase. In 2006 was achieved with 800,000 properties sold, the height of new buildings, while there was comparatively only 34,000 properties in 2013.

Spain optimistic about the recovery of many sectors in the real estate market

Valuation of real estate by the Spanish department statistics ‘TINSA’ assumes that housing prices have reached the end of this year, its lowest point. The highest value in terms of new buildings completed in 2007 was 640,000, in 2013 there were only about 64,000 objects, and this year, ie 2014, about 50,000 Total completions expected. In 2016 this figure is expected to be reduced to only 40,000 in general. According to the company valuation of real estate, demand has grown in terms of coastal areas, which is due to the rebate policy of banks and the overall decline in prices of approximately 50%.

Property in Marbella
Property in Marbella

Benidorm in the area of building permits petition rises from the beginning of the year 2013 on a quarterly basis. In that year there was an average of more applications for authorization, approximately 57% more than in 2012. In the Balearic Islands, the purchasing power is concentrated in the luxury segment, especially by foreign citizens. In the Canary Islands there is no evidence that may suggest an increase in demand, on the Costa Brava Catalan, demand remains soft and looking in the Costa Dorada, customers mostly nationals, mainly from rental properties at low prices.

The cities that are leading the Spanish property market

Cities have cut over the first quarter 2016, compared to last year in terms of price developments Marbella (Málaga, 4.8%) How is the Marbella real estate market for 2016? , Sant Feliu de Guixols (Girona, 2.5%), Las Palmas (1.5%), Manilva (Málaga, 1.3%) and Jávea (Alicante, -0.2%).
On the contrary, the situation has for communities like Ayamonte (Huelva, -54.6%), Pujol (Valencia, -56.9%), Mataro (Barcelona, -57.2%), Pineda de Mar (Barcelona – 59.2%) and Casares (Malaga, -59.7%) worsened.
The most expensive communities remain Sitges, near Barcelona, with a maximum price of € 2,525 per square meter Calvia, Mallorca, with € 2,307 / m2. Where is the best passes in Spain properties, for example, Pujol, in Valencia, where the price per square meter is € 834 or Puerto Lumbreras, in Murcia, where is all the € 765 / m2.

House in Barcelona Spain
House in Barcelona Spain

Statistical data transactions recorded in purchases and sales of real estate Spain in the second quarter of 2015

One of every five foreigners buying property in Spain, are British, the inhabitants of the United Kingdom maintained its top position according to our real estate advisor
The statistical advancement of Italians highlighted in the second quarter of 2015, which slide against the Russians and beat Sweden taking fifth year.
The figures provided by the Spanish Association of Cadastral guides available information indicates that in the second quarter of 2015, the second best result in the past nine months was achieved, corresponding to a share of foreign buyers of 12.8% total purchases. This suggests a trend to increased foreign demand for real estate in our market, expressing a degree of confidence and satisfaction with our real estate sector.

Statistical data transactions with sale of property registration in Spain in the first quarter of 2016

In the Costa del Sol to May 2016, luxury properties on the Costa del Sol 9,523 purchases and sales in the autonomous region, 2,474 were recorded in the second quarter, of which 78% and 22% of new buildings resale. These data are very positive, since the position of the Balearic Islands with 2.22 per thousand inhabitants in second place in the ranking of autonomous communities, surpassed only by the Community of Valencia.
In comparison, the Balearic 8.54 per thousand inhabitants with a rate of change of 12% in relation to total 7.23 Spain.
By nationality undoubtedly products buying and selling of foreigners in our country one of the factors driving the market, corresponding to a share of approximately 13% of the domestic market.
British and historically with this ranking, with around 20% of total transactions. The French occupy the second place, although its share has fallen by 10% compared to the previous quarter. The Germans retain 8%, virtually the same data as in the first quarter. A little more than 5% and is increasing, the data of Italian citizens, who beat the Russians. Belgians are 6.5% in the fourth place, followed closely by Sweden with 5.6%. Chinese, Norwegian and Romanian decide statistics with data on 3% and stable positions in the first quarter.
These results represent and today there are no major changes, except for Russian citizens who are now in sixth place and aggravates the case since 2012.

Properties for sale in Marbella
Properties for sale in Marbella

The best areas for holiday properties on the Costa Blanca & Benidorm

Investment paradise for the other: With five million visitors Benidorm is the capital of mass tourism on the Costa Blanca. Proof of this is aesthetically questionable “Europe’s highest hotel”. As a holiday destination has to Benidorm they do not like, as an investment, however, can be considered. Here have many apartments throughout the year holiday. Retirees looking for milder temperatures dissolve at the end of the season.
With prices per square meter to 2,000 euros as the price of entry in good locations to obtain information provider industry belongs Fotocasa Benidorm likely to be more expensive patches of the Costa Blanca. Due to the continuous flow of tourists, prices have remained largely even in a crisis. In the category of luxury real estate, you should even go uphill again. End of the year is the highest with 200 meters residential skyscraper in Europe, “In Tempo” opened. In the brokerage community it is rumored that several exclusive apartments were sold.
For seven figures coming to Benidorm, Parties and seeking new homes. Family homes for a family vacation can be found only on the northern outskirts, about Coblanca. What you can hardly expect the numerous Irish pubs and German pubs: The largest group of visitors to Benidorm are traditionally Spanish. This year, they are at risk for the first time by beating English.

Andalusian property market will continue to operate independently compared to the rest of Spain

The new figures show that the index of house prices fell in Spain in April, but increased in Andalusia, Madrid and Valencia.
According to the Spanish property Idealist, you asking resale prices on a monthly basis fell 0.8% to an average of € 1.539 / m2. While recovering from total income and prices have stabilized operates throughout Spain, the figures reiterate a property that is not homogeneous board is determined by a single trend.
National aggregate figures like these show that the country is still recovering, while attention to regions that operate completely independently from the rest of the nation. metropolitan cities like Madrid and Barcelona, as well as regions that are popular among international tourists and shoppers there are local markets not only an increase seen in demand, but also incremental from month to month house price increases.
In Andalusia, sales rose to international buyers at 19.36% in 2015, the total turnover of a house rose by 4.48% and mortgage approvals increased domestic met14,32% year on year. In Malaga, the average price of housing from March 2016 was € 154,786, an increase van1,56% over the previous year.
Moreover, sales grew at a staggering 41.08% of international buyers in Malaga. Property in Andalusia accounted for 20.5% of all property transactions in Spain with a foreign buyer, further proof that the unique microclimate, infrastructure and culture of the Costa del Sol continues to attract buyers from across Europe and beyond.

Apartment in Sevilla for sale
Apartment in Sevilla for sale

For Spanish is the time to be routed to a power in the real estate market in Europe

The housing crisis in Spain will be forgotten in the coming years. The apartments along the Mediterranean that are currently under construction, ready for new investors, leading consultants warn. According to the data there are about 700,000 new empty homes in Spain and up to 2 million homes that have sold in recent years in total when one counts the second-hand housing and ownership of banks.
Since 2008, the value of real estate at the end. However, RR de Acuna & Asociados consulting firm expects prices of housing in Madrid, Barcelona and other major cities over 30% will collapse. Even in regions where many British and Dutch bought the house prices will fall significantly a house. The crisis in the Spanish property sector varies considerably by region, but well below what some experts estimate.
It is expected that prices in Malaga have recovered within a period of five years to reach this year. Meanwhile, banks that financed real estate projects offer great discounts. “The property in Marbella has stabilized and prices are attractive to invest even more.” according to the publication in estate agency

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