REN Real Estate Network MLS by Ignacio Acosta Sorge

The REN is considered one of the best i MLS (International Multiple Listing Service) created by IT expert Ignacio Acosta Sorge in 2002.

REN by Acosta Sorge Ignacio

Presentation of REN in Rosario, Argentina

Ignacio Acosta Sorge Presentation at Rosario

The REN MLS is an online software where Real Estate Companies from different countries can share their properties.

The aim is to sell properties, by 2 estate agents: On one hand we have the LISTING AGENT, who has listed the property and on the other hand we have the SELLING AGENT, who has the buyer.

So, the listing agent and the selling agent, will make the business together, sharing the commission.

The REN system is the platform that makes possible this to occur.

Here we can see Mr. Ignacio Acosta presenting the REN at London SOFITEL GATWICK

Sofitel London REN presentation


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