How is the Marbella real estate market for 2016?

Luxury house in Marbella

It is expected that the property market have taken the step to a phase characterized by price and increase in transactions. Even if banks remain cautious and careful attitude. The change in prices will continue to decline mainly due to the solutions used, but also for new construction which have not yet been put on the real estate market.

Interest in these types of real estate there, as well as energy efficiency, but in recent months, the real obstacle to a possible dynamism of this market segment were affordable small. determining factor in the election will be once again the quality of life better with a sealed housing in good condition and stately solutions. For the latter, if they are in areas of prestige, one could even predict a slight increase in prices.

The difficulties in sales of low-quality apartments

However, difficulties for low-quality real estate, which are now struggling to be sold until after significant reductions in prices. The solutions to be renovated, thanks to the extension of tax incentives for restructuring, will arouse the interest of potential buyers. The segment of the first house will be animated but even the use of investment house and holiday home could regain strength due to good market prices. Remember that the properties should be placed on the market at a fair price, because if they do not, it will be difficult to match supply and demand and the market would suffer a slowdown.

After the crisis increases the value of the properties in the area

The most important legacy of this crisis leaves us only greater awareness, both by all operators in the market, both by lending institutions, real property value. For real estate prices a contraction for 2016 of between -2% and 0% is expected, while trade could be around 460-470 thousand. Big cities, and in 2015 appeared more dynamic, continue in this trend in 2016 could also be of interest to provincial capitals and major cities. One of the most recognized real estate in Spain as it is Panda Estates.

Even surroga Nell mortgages in the last half of 2015 has confirmed the phenomenon of subrogation of mortgages amounted to 66.7% of total disbursements, followed with 27.1% of loans for the purchase of a first home, below the same period of 2014. Among the forms of mortgage paid more in the second half of 2015 turned out to be the fixed rate with 75.5% of the subscriptions that the variable rate for which it was not 22.5%, down compared with the second half of 2014 in terms of duration, however, most of the mortgages granted in Italy for a period of 20 years (28.2%) and 15 years (22.2%).

In addition, it is noted that in the last six months of 2015 amounted to 26.9% of the demand for loans for classes LTV (LTV) between 71 and 80% of the property value, with 19, 4 % of loans disbursed actually confirming that an LTV.

The average amount of mortgage loans amounted to € 117,161 lower than in the second half of 2014 (€ 121,798). At the level of relocation mortgage loans 41.3% was distributed in the center, followed by northern Italy with 38.4%, from the South (14.6%) and the Islands (5.7%). These are some of the key data that results from the latest edition of the Observatory mortgage market, brokers and independent consultant multibrand leader in Italy in negotiating loans both online and offline that compares and distributes traditional products line and more than 60 among the major Italian and international banks operating in our country.

Beautiful luxurious house in the region
Beautiful luxurious house in the region

Compared to last year, the number of Russian citizens arrived at Malaga airport increased by 23% in January, typically a period of low participation. According to tourism authorities, the figures obtained Russian tourists between 2011 and 2013 records will be made in 2016. Moreover, the Association of Russian tour operators reported a 34% increase in bookings for holidays in Spain. This is great news for this part, as the interest of Russians to the luxury facilities that the city and the large amounts of money used to spend on the Spanish coast.

The office of the Tourist Board offers known Andalucía is one of the promoters of this positive phenomenon, especially in connection with the attempt to halt the decline of Russian visitors to Spain. Exposing the “Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art” In fact, as the more than 20 events organized in this country has been the point of the Government’s strategy to convey the Spanish traditions and give new life to the Russian tourism in strong Spain. investors in real estate in recent years, Russian investors have been key to the real estate, which ranks first on the waiting list for Visa Gold. For more information we invite you to read our article about to learn how are mortgages for foreigners non resident in Spain.

This program offers to invest a minimum of € 500,000 in real estate, the opportunity to travel in all Schengen countries and stay in Spain. In 2013, the figures show that 35.1% of those who seek the “Visa Gold” was of Russian origin and total expenditure was 327.9 million euros, with a keen interest in this territory and other luxury destinations. Therefore, it is expected that the increase in the number of Russian visitors who go hand in hand with the spread of the image as a luxury tourist town and therefore also increase sales of economics and Spanish properties.

Increased property buyers from Russia
Increased property buyers from Russia

The, in this case, the Costa del Sol, much depends on the presence of the citizens of this country of Eastern Europe. An example of this is the large number of musicians, curators, artists and Russian designers have decided to settle in Puerto Banus. In addition to the shopping center Russia House is another example of this phenomenon with its cinema / theater, restaurant and conference center is a meeting point for Russians living in the area of the Costa del Sol.

According to the planned investments in the various luxury hotels in an amount equal to one hundred million euros and bookings arriving from other European countries, the future of Spanish villa and its real estate sector has taken the right direction. After many years, Diana Morales Properties has taken root in the market for luxury real estate in this part in Spain, so you will be able to advise on a possible investment in the Andalusian city.

Discover the Spanish property market

It is known that excess supply has literally cut the legs to prices in Spain which now houses cost on average 35% less than in 2008. The largest declines mainly in coastal cities and peripheral urban areas under plans enormous development, here fallen more than 50 points prices.

Today, the worst is over, the price falls are starting to slow down the process of decline it seems semaphores that promote 2015, mainly thanks to external demand, which, despite some values, seriously begins to appear on the market Iberian. Even the Spanish National Statistics Institute has certified that since the last quarter of 2014 house prices rose on average 4.8% Baleares.

The restart was created in the segment of high demand. Mallorca especially in the last six months seems to have changed course, mainly due to the fact that the offer, limited by local laws in new construction, has been less exposed to the growth of the bubble. Prices of real estate today by between 1 and 2 million products were also evaluated twice 5 years ago.

The “prime” areas of Mallorca, which is revitalizing are: Pollensa and Formentor in the north to the center of Santa Maria del Cami and southern Bendinat. Even the rest of the Balearics, although with very low demand, prices are showing a stop falling and it is expected that, in particular, Ibiza and Formentera, residual values this year. The Spanish second residence market moves thanks to foreign buying, German and English in the foreground, ranging from shopping to the Balearic Islands to Costa Brava to  and Puerto Banus. If you think it’s your chance to invest in property you’ve dreamed of having in this zone, do not forget to contact one of the most important agents of real estate in the region in the last decade Ignacio Acosta Sorge.

Vacationers are one of the main reasons for the growth of Marbella

The tourists and the perfect residential destination in this zone is without doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain and not only in summer, because although in the summer months, the number of inhabitants and tourists increases dramatically, season does not end until September. As we all know those who already own a house in Marbella, it is a lively city that has much to offer year-round luxury.

Property  over 300 days of sunshine and mild temperatures in the winter, which favors the lifestyle in the open characteristic of the Costa del Sol and other cities on the shores of the Mediterranean, this site is the ideal place to live and visit in any time of the year. Along with a wide variety of properties, restaurants, bars and hotels, the number of golf courses are multiplying in the area, cha now has a population of more than 60 years and adds a new attraction to constant influx of tourists the city and ensures’ and sports enthusiasts.

In the winter months is the perfect choice, especially for those tourists who come from northern Europe because, thanks to the fantastic weather, can take a welcome for some of piasseggiata the beautiful beaches of the area and docks . In addition, the city also offers a varied cuisine with prestigious restaurants like restaurant Dani García, located in the Village Plaza Resort Roman bridge in the heart of the Golden Mile of Marbella, or the luxury of haute cuisine restaurants in time eslcusivi Puerto Banus.

Enjoy the outdoors in this zone During vibrant vacation area and there are many events to entertain residents and tourists alike, while the most exclusive stage, as the hotel and Club and Puente Romano, carried out during the year a multitude of events that also involves.

As people the influential and famous nightlife, the city offers many bars, trendy nightclubs and elegant club to end the night with some music “.If you are looking for a place to establish a city or just to visit at any time of year.

Malaga airport
Malaga airport

According to Ricardo Arranz, president of the Andalusian Federation of builders and residential tourism, the arrival of Russian investors in the Costa del Sol have UN Positive impact on the real estate sector. Considers Arranz, that the Russian market booming, The Birth Of A Spanish Society -Russian Daria New Life col real estate segment of the so-called Golden Triangle (Marbella, Estepona and Benahavis). If you want to know about the properties in Marbella available in the market.

Most of the Andalusian Real Estate is now owned by banks due to Estallo scandals in the region that caused a stop in the Construction and surrounding municipalities, where in recent years are not to be involved in illegal constructions . According to Ruiz, When This House will return to the market, the situation will be unblocked and will be a tendency Create a “New products and promotions.”

How do foreigners see the opportunity to invest in real estate?

The daily Panorama references with respect the properties market in Marbella remains attractive and growing, supported areas, reuniting of the economy, if it is true that the uncertainty generated by the actual political situation contributes to the development of the activity.

It is obvious that any s uncertainty, as exists in Catalonia, gender anxiety. However, prudence should prevail and must try to avoid premature reactions. The Catalan real estate market remains attractive, and we are confident that we can reach a stable solution.

The attending a lack of product available first in Madrid and Barcelona. Goods More sought after son found the recovery Faster, thanks a SU adjustment in terms of price and Growth Outlook Positive. By esta reason, investors are turning their gaze of other cities as Bilbao, Valencia, Seville and Zaragoza in search of new opportunities and more secondary in real estate assets in Madrid and Barcelona.

It is therefore the market continues growing continuously and is expected that this recovery will continue this year 2016.

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